Colosseum - Guided Tours of the Subterraneans and the Third Level

Colosseum. Subterraneans

Since Saturday 12 March and until Sunday 30 October, on the initiative of the Special Superintendency for Archaeological Heritage of Rome in collaboration with the Licensee Society Pierreci, the Colosseum has proposed once again the educational service of guided tour of the subterraneans and the third level. These are the areas recently made ​​safe and open to the public thanks to the  interventions coordinated by the Commissioner delegated for the implementation of emergency interventions in the archaeological sites of Rome and Ancient Ostia.

For the two-hour visit, comfortable shoes are recommended: the tour will start from the arena and will go down to the hypogeum, then up to the second level as far as the outlook onto the square of the Colosseum. Groups of not more than 25 people led by specialised personnel of the Licensee will subsequently reach the gallery between the second and the third level and the outlooks onto the arena and the Roman Forum. 

Available by prearrangement is a reduction in price for those who cannot continue the visit as far as the third level - the only one not yet served by a lift. Even in case of rain, the length and the places shown will not change: the only limitation will concern a part of the hypogean path, without affecting the enjoyment of the visit. Specific appointments are planned every day for the tours, which are offered also in foreign languages (English or Spanish). Further information concerning tickets and timetables can be found at the website

Data e ora: 
Tuesday, 15 March, 2011 - Sunday, 30 October, 2011