iAventino and iTestaccio: two new mobile applications now available on the Apple Store

New Market, Testaccio. East sector.

iAventino and iTestaccio are two new mobile applications (available on iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms) developed by the Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma in cooperation with the Fondazione Bordoni. These apps showcase a collection of multimedia itineraries through major archaeological and socio-cultural sites in Rome’s historical district Aventine and Testaccio.

Content is organized in a thematic menu by location, itinerary, or multimedia, and can also be accessed directly from a satellite/street map of the area. While scrolling through the photographic gallery, the user has the option of listening to a narrator or reading information in text form. Further, the iAventino and iTestaccio applications implement innovative functions that enhance the visiting experience, such as CodeScan to access information on specific monuments by using iPhone’s QR code reader, or iCard to send electronic postcards of sites visited.

iAventino presents three thematic itineraries for the Aventine hill, pertaining to archaeological sites of differing levels of accessibility:

The Aventine between visible and invisible

Roman domus

Churches and gardens

iTestaccio is organized in three chronological sections, in order to guide the user through the evolution of the Testaccio neighborhood over time, between rural and urban landscapes:

 Ancient Roman times

Medieval through modern times

Contemporary times

 The series of multimedia itineraries of Rome’s archaeological and historical sites will soon be augmented by another interactive application: “Between the Esquiline and Viminal: stories from an urban context”.

 To access material complementary to the mobile applications – including further information, news, and multimedia content – click on their dedicated websites here below.







Data di pubblicazione: 
13 December, 2012