Mobile Devices Applications for Aventine and Testaccio

New Market, Testaccio. East sector.

iAventino and iTestaccio, developed by the Special Superintendency for the Archaeological Heritage of Rome in collaboration with the Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, are two applications for mobile devices (iPhone and soon also iPad and Android platform-based smartphones and tablets) which enable visitors to avail themselves of multimedia itineraries in some of the sites of major archaeological and/or cultural-historical relevance to the city of Rome.

The applications offer visiting modes organized by means of a menu, set up as a map, which allows the choice of places, itineraries as well as multimedia contents (images and videos); users can then scroll through the images listening to the audio descriptions or, if they prefer, reading the descriptive text. To these features two special functions are added, such as the CodeScan, which automatically addresses the application to the description of the corresponding monument by using the QR Reader, and the iCartolina (= iPostcard) that  enables the users to send email postcards of the visited places.

With the application dedicated to the Aventine Hill, "Aventine between visible and invisible", users can select three different itineraries (that take into account different levels of accessibility):

• Aventino tra visibile e invisibile (Aventine between visible and invisible)

• Le domus romane (The Roman domus)

 Le chiese e i giardini (Churches and Gardens)

The application for Testaccio, "The Ecomuseum of Rione Testaccio", instead, is organized in three chronological paths enabling us to perceive the alternation of the different urban and rural landscapes that followed each other over the centuries:

• L’età romana (The Roman Age)

• L'età medievale e moderna (The Mediaeval and the Modern Ages)

 L'età contemporanea (The Contemporary Age)

 A third application, "Between Esquiline and Viminal: stories from an urban context", is in preparation.The multimedia tours iAventino and iTestaccio are complemented by insights, news, and other media (multimedia contents/elements) within a web space  that can be visited by selecting the corresponding image.