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World Monuments FundFirst of all it is thanks to the World Monuments Fund that, through its substantial and continuous support, this project was realized.

In fact a first funding, obtained in 2001, within the Samuel H. Kress Foundation / World Monuments Fund European Preservation Program, was instrumental in getting the project under way, in accomplishing the first phase dedicated to preliminary investigations and in devising an operational plan. A contribution by the Norwegian foundation Sigval Bergesen d.y. og Hustru Nanki's almennyttige Stiftelse furthermore enabled the photographic documentation of the paintings and the creation of a database.

A second more substantial funding of the Samuel H. Kress Foundation / World Monuments Fund, approved in 2002, permitted, together with funds from the Italian Government , to cover the costs of the second phase of the project.

Starting from 2004, an agreement between the Archaeological Superintendency of Rome and the World Monuments Fund ® Robert W. Wilson Challenge to Preserve Our Heritage assured the necessary funds for the completion of the restoration works.

We would also like to thank various Italian, foreign and international institutions which offered precious contributions to the project.

First of all the Faculty for the Consevation of Cultural Heritage of the University of Tuscia (Viterbo), which through its interdisciplinary study group directed by Maria Andaloro (Raffaella Menna, Claudia Pelosi, Giulia Bordi, Paola Pogliani, Manuela Viscontini) was the Superintendency’s main consultant for all critical, artistic and technological studies;

We would also like to thank:

The restoration project of the paintings of Santa Maria Antiqua was devised and directed by the Special Archaeological Superintendency of Rome, with funds from The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. Starting from 2001 the participants have been the following:

  • Superintendents:
    • Adriano La Regina (2001-2004)
    • Angelo Bottini (2005-2009)
    • Giuseppe Proietti (2010)
    • Anna M. Moretti (2010-2011)
  • Directors of the Monument:
    • Irene Iacopi (2001-2007)
    • M. Antonietta Tomei (2007-2011)
    • Roberto Egidi (2011)
  • Project group and work direction:
    • Giuseppe Morganti (architect, designer and project manager, Special Archaeological Superintendency of Rome)
    • Alia Englen (art historian, Special Superintendency for Historical-Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Heritage and for the Museum Pole of the City of Rome)
    • Gianna Musatti (restorer, specialist in painting restoration)
    • Alberto Gallo (surveyor, project collaborator)
    • Mario Rossi (†) and Pasquale Porreca (web site design and management)

The ongoing intervention (2011), is funded by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, and is included within the activities of the Delegated Commissioner for the accomplishment of urgent interventions in the archaeological areas of Rome and Ostia Antica. The conduction of the activities remains the responsibility of the work group designated within the Superintendency.

Have contributed to the project the following specialists:

  • Angela Bizzarro, Alessandro Tilia, Stefano Tilia, Studio 3R s.a.s. di Alessandro e Sven Stefano Tilia, Rome -
    • Digital graphic documentation, database design, orthophotoprojections and web site design.
  • Julian Bogdani, BraDypUS. Communicating Cultural Heritage - Bologna
    • Web site creation.
  • Ernesto Borrelli, Chemist ICCROM Rome.
    • Experimental research.
  • Fanny Cerri, Chemist, freelance, Rome.
    • Experimental research.
  • Michele A. Chiuini, Architect, Ball State University, Muncie – Indiana.
    • Laser scanner documentation, reconstruction studies of the monument.
  • Dora Cirone, Archaeologist, freelance, Rome.
    • Archaeological investigations, archive research, reconstruction studies of the monument.
  • Marco Citterio, ENEA Agency for new Technologies, Energy and Environment, Rome.
    • Microclimate monitoring.
  • Giancarlo De Casa, Engineer, Faculty of Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome.
  • Giolj Guidi, ENEA Agency for new Technologies, Energy and Environment, Rome.
    • Thermal infrared analysis.
  • Kirsti Gulowsen, Art historian, Norwegian Institute of Rome.
    • Documentation organization, historical-artistic studies.
  • Henry Hurst, Archaeologist, Cambridge University and British School of Rome
    • Archaeological investigations, reconstruction studies of the monument.
  • Marisa Laurenzi Tabasso, Chemist, freelance, Rome.
    • Experimental research.
  • Elizabeth Louden, Architect, Texas Tech University, Lubbock – Texas.
    • Laser scanner documentation, reconstruction studies of the monument.
  • Marcello Martini, Photographer, Archaeological Superintendency of Rome.
    • Photographic documentation for the ortho-photomosaic.
  • Ippolito Massari, Studio Massari, Rome.
    • Investigations on structural humidity and planning of interventions against the presence of humidity.
  • Ezio Mitchell (†), Architect, Studio S. T. M., Rome.
    • Topographical survey, architectural documentation, G.I.S. design.
  • Lino Mozzano, Photographer, Archaeological Superintendency of Rome.
    • Photographic documentation for the ortho-photomosaic.
  • Domenico Poggi, Geologist, Artelab sas, Rome -
    • Laboratory analysis.
  • Cesare Presciuttini (†), Photographer, Rome.
    • Photographic documentation.
  • Ulderico Santamaria, Chemist, Vatican Museum – Scientific Laboratories and University of Tuscia.
    • Experimental research.
  • Roberto Sigismondi, Photographer, Rome.
    • Digital photographic documentation.
  • Giuseppe Silvestri, Surveyor, freelance, Rome.
    • Collaborator for design and work direction, accounting, work site security coordination.

The restoration of wall paintings and other architectural surfaces has been entrusted throughout all these years to a team of restorers directed by Werner Matthias Schmid (WMS snc.).

The following restorers have collaborated:

  • Michela Cardinali
  • Ilaria Scacchetti
  • Valentina Lini
  • Udaya Hewawasam
  • Laura Bianchi
  • Natalia Gurgone
  • Mauro Stallone
  • Hilkka Hiiop

Restorers responsible for the transfer of the detached paintings onto new supports (Equilibrarte srl, Rome):

  • Antonio Iaccarino Idelsen
  • Carlo Serino

The following restorers are still collaborating (Cbart Consortium, Rome):

  • Valeria Valentini
  • Giorgia Pinto
  • Federica Cerasi
  • Francesca Cencia
  • Maria Rosaria Basileo
  • Michela Gottardo